🌟 Blueseed Group – Vietnam top Local Agency has won the 7th Most Loved Employers in Journalism – Information – Media, Providing the Most Impressive Experience for Candidates

🎉 Representing a professional working environment committed to sustainable development, Blueseed Group is honored to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Loved Employers in journalism, information, and media. This accolade, voted by the CareerViet user community, also acknowledges our ability to provide the most impressive candidate experience.

🤩 Our mission at Blueseed Group is not only to create groundbreaking projects and products in the media sector but also to build an inspiring work environment where each individual has the opportunity to grow and contribute to the company’s overall success. This dedication ensures that Blueseed Group remains a reliable partner for brands.

Blueseed Group expresses deep gratitude to CareerViet and everyone who trusted and voted for us. Your support and confidence are great motivators, driving us to continually improve and grow every day.

We committed to providing the best career opportunities and a positive, challenging working environment for every member of our network.

🎉 The Blueseed office has just undergone a makeover, bringing the best experiences to our customers!

🚀 Behind this transformation lies not only the update in appearance but also Blueseed’s deep commitment to serving customers wholeheartedly, where every idea is valued, and every customer feels cared for and respected.

We sincerely thank our friends, partners, and customers who have always supported Blueseed on our journey. Together, we will continue to move forward and build strong and sustainable relationships.

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Blueseed Group and MetaWorld – a Korean entertainment company, have signed the MOU to create a new era of entertainment.

The two companies will collaborate on a number of projects, including the development of new reality shows that combine elements of K-drama and Vietnamese culture.

Blueseed Group and MetaWorld have also engaged in film production partnerships across South Korea and Vietnam. The two companies have worked together to enhance the visibility of Blueseed’s offerings within the South Korean market, with a focus on the entertainment sector. They have also facilitated the presence of South Korean artists in Vietnam, fostering business connections between South Korean and Vietnamese firms.

Blueseed Group has provided marketing assistance to South Korean businesses operating in Vietnam, helping them to reach new audiences and expand their customer base. The company has also helped to promote Vietnamese culture and history to a global audience, through its collaborations with MetaWorld.

This cooperation has brought many benefits to both companies. By combining their expertise and resources, Blueseed Group and MetaWorld have been able to create innovative and exciting new products that appeal to audiences around the world. The partnership has also helped to foster cross-cultural exchange and business connections between South Korea and Vietnam.

Blueseed Group and MetaWorld are committed to continuing their collaboration and exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from these two dynamic companies!

The new Mitsubishi Attrage hit the market as a strikingly designed safe, comfortable and economical family car positioned as a standout choice for realistic buyers in the car market. The new Attrage boasts stand out appearance, is strong and highly fuel efficient using only 5.09L/100km and high end safety features with highly competitive pricing. 

Naturally Mitsubishi wanted to get the good word out into the market upon the Attrage’s launch and turned to Blueseed Digital to create a sustained flow of interested customers ready to test drive at their local dealer. We successfully delivered a quarterly flow of qualified leads (based on …) to help create a successful launch phase for Mitsubishi’s newest hit model!

Looking to drive qualified leads for your company? Contact your Blueseed Account Manager today to find out more.

Gotec’s Asiana Riverside is the 4th Asiana branded project by top 10 Vietnamese Real Estate Developer Gotec Land. The project, in Saigon’s Southern District 7 covers over 10,000m2 with 478 apartments and 12 commercial shophouses. The project’s location is one of the cities best with a prime Saigon riverside location which will be conveniently located next to the future Thu Thiem Bridge 4 connecting directly to the future CBD of Vietnam’s economic powerhouse.

With scheduled completion in 2024 Gotec Land reached out to Blueseed Digital to drive awareness and acquire qualified leads for the project. Blueseed Digital grew awareness with Engagement, Reach and View driven campaigns across key platforms such as Facebook, Zalo and Youtube. 

Our Performance Marketing campaign drew qualified leads with our team attracting potential investors via Search, Display and Social channels. We were able to exceed campaign KPIs giving Gotec Land’s Business Development teams a strong pipeline of high quality leads to ensure the project’s success.

Wondering how to get highly qualified leads? Reach out to your Blueseed Account Manager today to get started.

A recent report released by Decision Lab in conjunction with the MMA has shined some light on the fast emerging space of Social Commerce. “What is social commerce and how fast is it growing?” you may ask. Basically it is buying and selling that takes place on social media and it is predicted to more than double from $492 billion in 2021 reaching $1.2 trillion USD in 2025. 

Your next question is likely “how prevalent is it in Vietnam?” and that’s where this report really helps to gain a deeper understanding of the scale and trends occurring in this space. Decision Lab’s research found that Social Commerce is actually moving up the ranks as an e-commerce channel, already passing Sendo and with 27% of consumers having used Social Commerce it’s the 4th most used e-commerce channel close to overtaking Tiki. In terms of the actual social networks used for social commerce Facebook is by far the leading channel with 94% of all social commerce participants having used it followed by Zalo and Instagram. It’s worth noting that the introduction of TikTok shop coupled with the short video platforms quick user growth could see TikTok gain quick traction in coming periods.

It’s also worth noting that Social Commerce isn’t a totally new phenomenon with most of the participants having started using social media to make purchases between 2-5 years ago. Having said that 29% of those who have tried did so a year or less than a year ago so there is still plenty of new users trying out the channel. 

Convenience (72%), Prices (54%), Great Experience (49%) are cited as the main reasons for consumers preferring social commerce. The report noted that social commerce can be easier than other channels given you can chat with sellers quickly and conveniently pre and post purchase and by having ongoing social connections in chat apps the consumer can trust and easily get in touch with the vendor for further support or purchases. 

The Social Commerce Consumer Journey

Consumers often come to try the channel via exposure within their own social community (67%) or by simply stumbling upon shops or products (64%) or when seeing ads from stores (55%). Brands can utilize these methods by encouraging customers to make social reviews, running effective ads and being proactive across suitable social media platforms.

Within the all important consideration phase customer reviews are once again the most important driver of trust. Efforts like our Xmen social commerce campaign utilizing nano-influencers can quickly help your brand make an impact in the social commerce space. 

Interestingly the Social Commerce space is predominantly serving as an extension of vendors consumers already know of however they do also discover new sellers via friends and family, again creating great customer experiences and positive reviews are crucial to all brands in this space!

When choosing platforms there seems to be different reasons driving the use of each major platform. All platforms are considered convenient, TikTok is perceived to have a logistical advantage (51% still a relatively low share or respondents), Facebook considered the easiest to use, Instagram edges out TikTok and Instagram a standout for entertainment and surprisingly respondents felt TikTok was the most trustworthy.

At Blueseed we’re continuously developing Martech services which seamlessly create customer experiences across all channels including Social Media. In this 360 degree customer journey space it’s crucial to build a smart, engaging and effective strategy for brands to reach and connect with customers. You can reach out to your account manager and organize a discovery session at any time.

You can check out the whole report for free via Decision Lab’s website – www.decisionlab.co/social-commerce-live-streaming-in-vietnam

The e-commerce ecosystem is a powerful space that brands can either capture momentum and share of attention on the platforms of the future or flounder. Blueseed has been focused on helping many leading brands and retailers do the former with outstanding results.

In the Web 3.0 space the user experience is increasingly blurring between on and offline worlds. What this means is that more and more of what customers do in day to day life is happening online. Customers consider, research, seek recommendation within this world and brands need to build credibility to be discovered and create trust in the e-commerce space.

Blueseed helped X-Men enhance their brand standing on leading e-commerce platforms and create powerful social amplification across key social touchpoints to create a viral awareness wave around the brand. We were able to engage 500 nano influencers to create product reviews and share these across social media more than 15 times creating an impact that drove over 200m vnd revenue in just the first week!

If you’re looking to make a splash in the e-commerce space reach out to us today!

The Digital Summit SEA organised by WR Digital is coming to Vietnam on the 20th and 21st of April 2022. 

The only premier summit looks into the future of business from the perspective of a digitally-savvy consumer who fully embraces a complete digital ecosystem – providing deep, engaging customer experiences through to powerful business insights. 

The 2-Day Summit focused on competing and meeting customers’ expectations with a micro-focus on key pillars in Omnichannel Content & Commerce, Personalization, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Experience, Customer Analytics, Social Media & Brand Management, Ecommerce/Enterprise Marketplace. 

The summit is packed with high-caliber speakers of Vietnam’s digital players that will surely help to improve the brand’s digital prowess. 

At the Premier Digital Summit Vietnam online focus Covid-19 has accelerated the shift toward digitization for many businesses across the country and the need to create meaningful engagement with consumers in every channel. Developing and serving the right content for the right place and time to increase brand awareness and create a consistent customer experience across channels. 

Meet our speakers: 

● Anh Le — Marketing Manager, Tiki Vietnam 

● Aske Ostergard — Co Founder & CEO, Decision Lab Vietnam 

● Bao Hoang Ho — Digital Director, Mediacom Vietnam 

● Benjamin Poirrier — Founder & CEO, Prodima Vietnam

● Danny NGO — Head of Digital, Transformation Ingo Vietnam 

● Tri (Kannie) Nguyen –Business Director, Phibious Group Vietnam 

● Vicky Cao — Growth Manager, Moengage Vietnam 

● Emmanuelle Gounot — CEO, Intrepid Vietnam 

● Kevin Kien Doan — CEO, Digityze Asia Vietnam 

● Khuong Tran — Chief Information Officer, TTC Sugar Vietnam 

● Mai Anh Le — Regional Country Manager, Global PR Hub Vietnam 

● Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc — Senior Marketing Manager, Worldpanel by Kantar Vietnam

● Peter Phuc Huynh — Regional Sales Director, Salesforce Vietnam 

● Phi Van Nguyen — Chairwoman, Vietnam Angel Network 

● Phuc Anh Do — COuntry Managing Director, Cloud Kinetics 

● Rakesh Singh — Country Manager and Commercial Director, APAC Bidmath Vietnam

● Sudesh Kumar — Chief Digital Officer, Hello Health Group Vietnam 

● Tuong Vi Nguyen — Head of Customer Experience, Viet an Group Vietnam 

Gain insightful knowledge on these hot issues within the industry to upgrade your brand:

● Digital Transformation Journey 

● The Future of Omnichannel starts today: Strategies That Will Help you Stay Ahead.

● Conversation with a Brand on personalization + customer experience journey

● Getting Customer Satisfaction Right with AI Analytics 

● Monitor customer behavior and analyze customer insights 

● How to deliver content-level personalization and ensure customer experience 

To attend the summit, register at www.digitalsummitsea.com 

Details of the event: 

Date: 20th & 21th April 2022 

Time: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm 

Platform: Online For more information, please contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Recently Blueseed were asked to help Schneider to automate their customer relationship building process with Electricians, Directors, Managers who work for Electric companies.

Our approach was to mine and enrich their existing databases creating a true indication of the potential value of existing and potential customers. Something that would take a human salesforce impractical amounts of time and effort. 

How did we do it?
Recognize warm prospects

We processed Schneider’s databases through a series of engagement steps whilst building a real time measure of each prospective customer’s potential interest in Schneider’s services. Those that are showing interest in relevant offers and information can be filtered into high value narrower potential customer segments for specific engagement – sales calls, events, etc.

Warm remaining prospects

At the same time those who aren’t demonstrating interest can continue to be automatically delivered brand information via specific touch points such as SMS, email, targeted advertising so that when they do exhibit some interest Schneider can recognize it immediately and suitably convert them from prospective to active customers.

This process enables Schneider to create an always on customer relationship cycle collecting customer data at all times and knowing which specific customers will likely be most interested in specific products and services. It’s possible to scale this over time delivering continuous valuable leads to the sales team’s funnels.

If you’re looking to utilize cutting edge MarTech techniques to streamline your customer relationship management, get in touch with our team today.

Once again Blueseed Group have achieved 2022 Premier Partner status in the Google Partners program.

Our team of experts provides market leading Search, Branding and Performance services across Google’s platforms including Youtube, GDN, Google Search and more. We can help you access the power of Google’s digital marketing solutions no matter your campaign objectives.

Blueseed Group CEO Mr. Ho Nguyen commented on the announcement, “Obviously we’re very proud to be one of Google’s top partner’s in Vietnam once again. I’d personally like to congratulate our team who work tirelessly to bring success to every single one of our client’s campaigns across all of Google’s suite of marketing solutions. We value the partnership with Google as they continue to lead innovation in the digital marketing space globally. This partnership enables us to bring great benefits to our clients and ensure our staff are leaders in the field at all times. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership throughout 2022 and beyond!”

This month, Google recognized the achievements of top-performing digital marketing partners across the globe by awarding Premier Partner status as part of the new Google Partners program.

The Google Partners program has undergone significant changes for 2022, including redefining what it means to be a Premier Partner through new, advanced program requirements and offering new Premier Partner benefits to support growth and success with Google Ads.

“Congratulations to our Premier Partners for being among the top 3% of Google Partners in Vietnam. These companies stand out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships, and helping their current clients grow. We look forward to supporting them as they help their customers succeed online.”
– Davang Shah, Senior Director, Google Ads Marketing

Blueseed is part of a select group of Premier Partners in the Google Partners program. This program is designed for advertising agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. Its mission is to empower companies by providing them with innovative tools, resources, and support to help their clients succeed and grow online.

Some of the specific benefits from the Premier Partners program include:

* Product betas – Receive ongoing access to the most current product betas. * Advanced Google Ads support – Access 24-hour advanced ads support to help quickly and efficiently resolve clients’ issues.

* Executive experiences – Attend invite-only industry events, such as roundtable discussions with Google leaders, sessions with other Premier Partners, and opportunities to hear from industry thought leaders.

* Premier Partner Awards – The Premier Partner Awards highlight excellence in digital marketing and showcase Premier Partners that help drive results for clients with Google Ads.

* Newly redesigned 2022 Premier Partner badge – Signal to clients and the industry that we’re recognized as a leading partner with our 2022 Premier Partner badge.

* High-value incentives – Help our clients get a better start with their campaigns with Google Ads credits.

You can view Blueseed Group’s Google Partners status here: