Recently Blueseed were asked to help Schneider to automate their customer relationship building process with Electricians, Directors, Managers who work for Electric companies.

Our approach was to mine and enrich their existing databases creating a true indication of the potential value of existing and potential customers. Something that would take a human salesforce impractical amounts of time and effort. 

How did we do it?
Recognize warm prospects

We processed Schneider’s databases through a series of engagement steps whilst building a real time measure of each prospective customer’s potential interest in Schneider’s services. Those that are showing interest in relevant offers and information can be filtered into high value narrower potential customer segments for specific engagement – sales calls, events, etc.

Warm remaining prospects

At the same time those who aren’t demonstrating interest can continue to be automatically delivered brand information via specific touch points such as SMS, email, targeted advertising so that when they do exhibit some interest Schneider can recognize it immediately and suitably convert them from prospective to active customers.

This process enables Schneider to create an always on customer relationship cycle collecting customer data at all times and knowing which specific customers will likely be most interested in specific products and services. It’s possible to scale this over time delivering continuous valuable leads to the sales team’s funnels.

If you’re looking to utilize cutting edge MarTech techniques to streamline your customer relationship management, get in touch with our team today.