Great news from the MMA Smarties Awards Gala Dinner!

Blueseed’s Bond Club campaign for Bluescope Colorbond was recognized as the Gold Award winner in the Relationship Building/CRM category.

Our campaign was also singled out as one of the top campaigns in show to be presented during the MMA Impact event attended by 400 top digital marketing professionals. You can read the case study in detail in this article.


Why is the Bond Club so unique?

We knew we had a great campaign but to have it recognized like this is a thrill to say the least. The Bond Club is unique in that we built a truly substantial brand asset upon which Colorbond can drive true thought leadership and engagement whilst feeding their traditional sales team with high level Customer Relationship insights.

One of the key features of the Bond Club is it’s ability to score prospects in real time feeding Colorbond’s traditional ‘offline’ marketing approaches like industry events, direct sales consultations and more. Our online digital profile now helps identify the right prospects to focus sales efforts on helping increase the conversion rate of the overall sales process.



How is Digital Marketing Relevant to B2B Relationship Building?

Advances in data management and artificial intelligence are allowing us to move from simply reaching our target audience to truly measuring the impact and nurture prospects into qualified customers in 1 seamless pipeline.

We built an engagement platform (the Bond Club App) and utilized latest Customer Data Platform approaches to gain detailed relationship insights on each and every consumer who engaged with our platform. With these detailed and accurate customer profiles Colorbond can now bring the right marketing messages and offers to the right prospects in real time. Automating this process means they can scale their sales efforts immensely increasing their reach and relevance at all times.



Can this approach work for your company?

In short, 100% yes! What we did for the Bond Club can work in many circumstances.

Blueseed’s unique data capabilities and performance marketing leadership can do this for any client whether B2C or B2B. Depending on your brand’s positioning and consumer profile we can create meaningful ways to engage your audience and build marketing funnel insights that will help you  convert more prospects into active clients in a 100% measurable way.

Contact us today to start designing your Customer Data Platform!