From October 21-23 the Blueseed Group or the B-Team will come together as one and head back into the wilds of nature for our annual teambuilding trip – the Amazing Race!

After long periods of hard work in the office, pushing to reach deadlines and working hard the Amazing Race adventure will serve as a release for our entire team enabling every Blueseed Group member to:

🌡 Take on the slopes and streams of ThiΓͺn Thai waterfall and Grandma Bidoup Mountain National Park testing everyone’s flexibility and stamina and building endurance for upcoming challenges in our working lives.

β›… Embrace the fresh air beneath the pine forests refreshing your lungs for upcoming challenges.

🀝 Compete as a team in many surprising and extremely fun games and challenges building the team environment to go forward together with increased internal connection and team passion.

β›Ί Above all along with completing the challenges together we will enjoy an incredible natural camping experience including activities like archery, SUP boating, cycling and more!!

To the whole Blueseed Group Family, get ready for an unforgettable experience, leave your stresses behind and let’s come together to build an even stronger long term working culture together!