Vietnam has a thriving Small to Medium Business ecosystem with 98% of all enterprises in the country or over 600,000 SMB enterprises forming the backbone of the country’s economy*. These SMBโ€™s face a number of challenges especially in the new digital world where their customers are now choosing to interact. Controlling costs, measuring ROI, integrating technology are the key challenges that most SMBs canโ€™t overcome as generally e-commerce is a foreign space to them.

Blueseed has stepped in to help local SMBs expand and excel in the online space. Connecting our huge scale Rigel CDP (Customer Data Platform) and optimization expertise with required 3rd party platforms to create a 1 stop solution helping SMBs thrive in the online space. 

Our performance marketing solutions ensure that advertising spending drives direct performance from day 1. Weโ€™ve integrated our CDP with leading e-commerce frontend providers like Haravan and connected popular inventory management, omni-channel management, loyalty and accounting providers like Misa and Cloudify to complete the ecosystem.

If youโ€™re looking to take your business online without the headaches, contact our account team today!

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