On the 30th of December 2022 we held one of our favorite events of the year – the Blueseed Group 2022 Thankyou Party at D-Chill Rooftop in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the few chances we get per year to get our entire team in 1 place alongside some of our VIP clients. The night was an opportunity to celebrate our success in 2022 and look forwards to 2023 in a great setting!

The night got underway with an inspiring performance by up and coming young rapper Shumo AG, followed by an welcoming address from Group Chairman Alex Grygoruk (see a summary of his address below), we then recognized star efforts across the group with our 2022 Blueseed Excellence Awards followed by plenty of entertainment and chances to celebrate the year together. We are all looking forward to a bigger and better 2023!!

Chairman’s Address

This is a summary of Blueseed Group Chairman Alex Grygoruk’s address on the night and summary of our companies year in 2022:

2022 was a very special year for our Company, and I would say not only special – it was an amazing year! All our Companies, our people have achieved many great results, news and achievements across the year. I will not list and mention all of them right now, I will just sum-up some of our key achievements with one simple number – 30%.

Why 30%, well, for the last 7 years our company has experienced a compound annual growth rate of 14%. However, in 2022 our growth was astonishing 30%! This is why I said that 2022 was an amazing year for us. We achieved such great results because of the collective effort of our senior management team, our board of directors, and all of our staff. Once again – thank you all for such great contribution in 2022! 

I would like to emphasize and highlight the individual and teams contributions across our group:

Blueseed Media – led by CEO Ms Lan Le they beat all numbers in their 2022 business plan, this was already an ambitious business plan so it was a great effort and their 2023 plan is again, very solid with a clear path to further aggressive growth. Congratulations to Lan and the team!!!

Blueseed Digital led by CEO – Ms. Hoa. Blueseed Digital holds a very special place within our group and Ms. Hoa had to apply a lot of her management expertise and effort in order rebuild and reorganize what was previously 3 business units (Ad Network & Data, Performance Marketing & Content Marketing) into a single company. Ms. Hoa and the team successfully completed the year 2022, but for sure the biggest achievement in 2022 is building the basement for further growth on the very solid structure. Congratulations to Ms. Hoa all Bluseed Media team! We can’t wait to see how far you can grow in the coming years!

Blueseed Hanoi – led by CEO Mr Huy. Blueseed Hanoi is essential as our entire arm in the North. It’s clear that this company, Mr Huy and the entire team have the greatest potential to grow and scale out of any of the companies in our group. In 2022 they’re on the right path and we look forward to it continuing!

I like to call this company our “secret weapon”… Why “secret weapon”? because we see that in 3-4 years this company can be bigger than all our subsidiaries combined! Can anyone guess who the “secret weapon” of the Blueseed Group is?

Of course it’s Greenoly – led by Blueseed Group and Greenoly CEO Ho Nguyen. 2021 and 2022 saw this business become stable. The team are now experienced and ready to explode onto the big scale that is required to succeed in this space. We are combining the people and knowledge in senior and middle leadership, tech eco-system, operations, performance advertising and more to unlock the key to massive growth in Greenoly’s next phase. This will be exciting for us all to be a part of!

One extra piece of great news during 2022 has been the foundation of one more company, Blueseed Australia led by CEO Mr Bill Crang. This company takes our world class capacity and places it in the very exciting and high value and high potential Australian market. Bill will work closely with Blueseed Group Chairwoman Ms. Nga Nguyen who will supervise and guide the strategic development of the Australian business in 2023 and beyond.

2022 also saw the continued success of our platform businesses – Flix led by CEO (and Blueseed Group BOD member) Mr Hai Doan who have continued their success in partnership with HTV – and our Chia SαΊ» NhαΊ‘c team.

Once again thanks to all of you, our teams and our partners and clients for being part of such a successful 2022. We are very excited to see the great efforts and results continue in 2023 and for many more years to come. Please enjoy the night, you have all deserved it!!!