Blueseed Group are once again leading from the forefront of AdTech in the Vietnam market launching Blueseed Dynamic Audio Ads across the leading Music Streaming platforms in the market. 

Whilst previously limited in Vietnam due to the limited commercial radio broadcasting landscape, radio (audio) advertising has long been a staple of the world’s leading advertising industries. The intimate, personal and less obtrusive delivery of audio ads means that they have long been a key way for iconic brands to connect with new and existing audiences. Now that same experience is available to brands in the Vietnamese market at scale. 

We’ve integrated the major audio platforms enabling the largest scale ever delivered in the Vietnam market. Blueseed’s Dynamic Audio Ads create a powerful platform for brands to deliver their message across the most premium publishers including Spotify, ZingMP3, NhacCuaTui, ChiaSeNhac and Youtube.

To capture the magic of audio and help build greater awareness across your next campaign contact your Blueseed account manager today!