In another great step forward for Blueseed Group’s online health and supplement e-retailer Greenoly has signed another strategic partnership agreement with an International leader in their field. Korean brand Cana Young‘s key High Kids Plus Jelly will be directly distributed to Vietnamese consumers by Greenoly utilizing an efficient and unique D2C business model.

Teams from both Cana Young and Greenoly attended the signing. The signing ceremony was held at Blueseed’s Ho Chi Minh City headquarters.

The D2C (direct to consumer) model is unique in delivering products directly from factory to customer with far less overhead costs. In turn meaning the final price can be far lower. Greenoly will directly market and distribute the product from the brand’s factory itself meaning customers can save the costs of many intermediaries but rely on the very best product quality available. Greenoly is creating relationships like this with many of the world’s best health and supplement producers meaning more quality products in the Vietnam marketplace at the best possible prices.

Cana Young’s Vietnam CEO Miss Lee Jung and Blueseed Group CEO Ho Nguyen signed the strategic agreement that will provide benefits to the brand, consumers and Greenoly’s growing health supplement online offering.

Utilizing the world leading Korean manufacturing approach, Cana Young’s High Kids Plus Jelly is a delicious tasting jelly made from natural peaches providing key nutritional benefits including Calcium and Vitamin D. Caring parents will choose the product to help their kids bone development and height, optimize calcium absorption and to gain essential nutrition including Zinc, Colostrum and more. You can view the product page here…

The High Kids Plus Jelly provides essential nutrition to Vietnamese kids encouraging bone development and height.