As we enter 2023 – the year of the cat in Vietnam – Blueseed Group CEO Ho Nguyen shared the following message with the whole Blueseed Group staff:

Looking back on 2022, it’s been a really great year – we’ve completed the spin-off of Blueseed into 3 subsidiaries: Blueseed Media, Blueseed Digital and Blueseed Hanoi. With the new generation of leadership, Ms. Lan LeΒ , Ms. Hoa Le, Mr. Huy Bui and key people from each team all 3 companies have been setting up the base for growth in terms of TEAM, PROCESSES, and CLIENTS. With 30% growth rate, 2022 is an amazing year –Β strong as the Tiger! Watch again our YEP 2022 here:

With the base set-up, we do hope for another great year 2023, fast as the Cat to take the challenges and break the limits together, deserved as The Trusted Digital Growth Partner of Brands. Let’s see the rising stars from industry expansion to online retail – Greenoly, and market expansion of Blueseed Australia, to welcome our Big 10-Year Anniversary

On behalf of Blueseed Group’s BOD, wish you all and your family a New Year of Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity! 

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