Blueseed Ad Network
Helps Toyota Thank
500k Customers

Blueseed Ad Network Helps Toyota Thank Half a Million Customers

The key challenges to branding in a digital space are reaching the right audience (targeting), making sure they can recognize your messaging (viewability) all within a suitable and safe space (brand safety). These have been the key driver’s of Blueseed’s ad network as we revolutionized video advertising in Vietnam and continue to innovate Adtech solutions as advertising becomes increasingly empowered by technology.


Toyota are well aware of these challenges and on the occasion of selling their 500,000th car in the Vietnam market wanted to create a high impact, intelligently targeted campaign to thank customers for trusting the brand with their car purchase choices.


Blueseed’s solution was to extend the campaigns TVC reach and viewability via innovative video ad formats like Inread Plus and Inpicture. Both formats utilize key attention spaces within leading Vietnamese publishers’ premium content. This means we’re able to target specifically audiences who are interested in relevant content in premium environments. This in turn, delivers best possible campaign performance, in this campaign’s case the results were outstanding, exceeding KPIs and delivering a VCR (Video Completion Rate) of 45% amongst over 3 million people reached.


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Services :

Planning & Insights , Campaign Optimization

Results :
over 45% View Completion Rate (complete form)
3,000,000+ Audience Reach