Coca-Cola Content Campaign Captures Food Passion

Coca-Cola as a brand has always held an iconic position to the youth of the day. The brand is built on good times often accompanied by great food. Let’s see how Inspirato, Mediacom and Coca-Cola set out to bring maintain this leading brand identity combining the fast moving worlds of content and mobile marketing.



Capturing the attention of the youth has never been more difficult. They are increasingly turning away from traditional media and consuming content from across platforms online via a variety of devices; increasingly mobile. This  increasingly complex online media world means consumers are looking to discover more, consume it faster and share it with their friends. This environment is an incredibly complex place for brands to establish meaningful connections with their consumers.



Food plays a huge part in all our lives. Especially in Vietnam is an incredibly social affair. Younger Vietnamese are continuously exploring the wonderful world of food from both Vietnam’s broad local range of cuisine and abroad. In turn since 2014 mobile devices have become a more popular online device than desktop (*Source:Comscore). We created Chet Vi Them to connect the Coca-Cola brand and it’s connection to great food with friends to it’s mobile savvy target audience.



Social media predominantly occurs on mobile devices. It formed a key tool to get the series out there. Regular social promotions including engaging quiz challenges and key opinion leaders’ support caused the campaign to go viral online reaching over 16 million people and creating over 2 million engagements on Facebook alone!

The social-friendly short form easy to watch and share on the go format is built mobile first. It’s simple to follow, highly entertaining and shareable with your friends when considering some new meals to try next time you all get together. In season 2 popular hosts, Thuan Nguyen and Puka were featured not just discovering new food but competing with one another to avoid hilarious dares imposed by the victor.



This viral buzz caused the campaign to achieve far above expected audience results including over 15 million views across Youtube and Facebook with over 26 million minutes of viewing time smashing the campaign KPIs and any traditional media benchmarks and exceeding all expected KPIs. Pho Hang An’s Youtube channel has already reached 19,000 subscribers and over 70% of viewing is happening on our the mobile devices the campaign targeted.

But can content consumed primarily on mobile devices affect the bottom line? If done right Chet Vi Them shows it can. From phone to store Coca-Cola metrics have improved during the Season 2 period from April to July consistently. With no other active advertising running Coca-Cola’s volume share in the sparkling category increased by 1.8% in July 2017 compared to April 2017. Our mobile first content strategy goes to prove that mobile truly can drive over the counter results at scale!

From our perspective successful creative mobile content marketing is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 1 – Find the passion of your target audience, 2 – create content that suits both engagement and sharing on the mobile devices that dominate today’s media habits and 3 – make it available in the formats and platforms they naturally spend their time.

In this case Inspirato and Mediacom’s strategy was able to natively bring the Coca-Cola brand right into the new mobile media world of Coke’s under 25 target demographic.

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