🌟 Blueseed Group – Vietnam top Local Agency has won the 7th Most Loved Employers in Journalism – Information – Media, Providing the Most Impressive Experience for Candidates

🎉 Representing a professional working environment committed to sustainable development, Blueseed Group is honored to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Loved Employers in journalism, information, and media. This accolade, voted by the CareerViet user community, also acknowledges our ability to provide the most impressive candidate experience.

🤩 Our mission at Blueseed Group is not only to create groundbreaking projects and products in the media sector but also to build an inspiring work environment where each individual has the opportunity to grow and contribute to the company’s overall success. This dedication ensures that Blueseed Group remains a reliable partner for brands.

Blueseed Group expresses deep gratitude to CareerViet and everyone who trusted and voted for us. Your support and confidence are great motivators, driving us to continually improve and grow every day.

We committed to providing the best career opportunities and a positive, challenging working environment for every member of our network.